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Power Rankings GW 4

Power Rankings GW 4

Artikelserie på engelska där vår skribent Dániel Sebestyén rankar de allsvenska lagen efter deras senaste prestationer och potential i kommande omgångar.

Posted by: Dániel Sebestyén (@sebestyendaniel on Twitter)

This ranking is based on the results, form, injuries and many other factors, but it is a subjective list of mine (though, I don’t have a reason to favour any of the teams) and if you disagree with it, feel free to comment or DM me.

In the brackets, you can find the teams’ previous rank.

1. (1.) IFK Norrköping

They picked up where they left off last round and were able to come back twice against Östersunds, and won by 4-2. They completely dominated the game and with Haksabanovic’s (10.4) and the 17 years old Bergmann Jóhannesson’s (4.9) superb performance, the team proved that they have serious mental toughness. 

2. (2.) Malmö FF

Getting a 2-2 draw against AIK (away) without your most important player is not a bad achievement especially if we add the fact to this that they did beat AIK 4-1 in the cup a few days earlier. Christiansen (10.0) - the aforementioned absent - returns and he’ll be hungry for goals after he scored a hat-trick in the cup.

3. (3.) AIK

I tried to not calculate the cup results too much into this ranking, that’s why AIK could keep their position, and because their rivals didn’t do so well over the weekend either. Hussein (5.1) and Larsson (9.0) are in a really good form and they are worth to invest.

4. (7.) Djurgårdens IF

They bounced back from the below-mediocre season starting with a convincing 5-0 win against Kalmar, which Ulvestad (7.4) had a big role in with his 3 goals. The attackers still has not been playing in the best form of their life, but they really have to put something together with Malmö coming next.

5. (6.) IF Elfsborg

A 1-1 against Örebro wouldn’t predestinate to get higher on the ranking, but they definitely played much better than the opponent and should have been won the game. Karlsson (8.5) was the most active with his 9 shots and he easily could have scored at least 3 goals instead of 1.

6. (4.) Hammarby IF

Thanks to Magyar’s (5.4) red card in the 26th minute they got in a really hard situation although they almost pulled out a miracle with getting a clean sheet, but Mjällby had other thoughts as they scored 2 late goals and won the game. The team will play against Varberg who might be easily slaughtered by an upset Hammarby.

7. (8.) BK Häcken

They are still unbeaten after they did beat a struggling Helsingborg, although it was just by one goal. The summer signing Söderlund (8.4) was able to score on his debut, and the not-that-convincing attacking play will definitely strengthen by him.

8. (5.) Kalmar FF

Perhaps it was not too lucky for them to meet with a disappointed Djurgården who wanted to show that they were not champions by accident, but they could have showed bigger resistance, as this 5-0 loss is something that they can’t be proud of. Romario (7.1) will be absent due to his red card, but Östersund at home is a good opponent to getting back on track.

9. (9.) IFK Göteborg

They played a 2-2 draw against Sirius at away, but it can’t be said that they were the more convincing team. However, the reason that I still rank them higher than the mentioned Sirius is the fact, that they hold on well even though they have plenty of injured players. On the bright side, Kharaishvili (9.8) returned and he can give something extra to the struggling attackers.

10. (11.) Varbergs BoIS

Their opponent Falkenberg played slightly better I would say, but still Varberg was the one who won the match by 3-1 and got the 3 points. They seem pretty massive and definitely is the biggest surprise of the season so far (they are 2nd on the table by the way), where Norlin (4.6) and Johansson (4.5) can replace the injured Selmani’s (6.2) goals upfront.

11. (10.) IK Sirius

Sirius plays a really likeable football with their possession-based style, but they have played against 3 of the top-7 from last season in the first 4 rounds. Their 2-2 against Göteborg in their last match was something that they can build on, and if Vecchia (5.5) and Sugita (6.5) can continue to impress on the field, I am sure that the results will come.

12. (12.) Falkenbergs FF

The underlying numbers - as well as the eye-test - show us that Falkenberg is a decent team, but they shouldn’t loose these matches against teams like Varberg (even though if they are in a good form now) this easily. They have a tricky schedule with easier home games and really tough away matches in the next 5 rounds, and Brattberg (4.5) seems like a good goalkeeper option for those weeks.

13. (13.) Örebro SK

They were lucky to not get beaten by Elfsborg (1-1) in their last match, as the opponent missed a few clear-cut chances - apart from the fact they played far better than Örebro. The team’s attack is their biggest weakness as Larsson (6.9) and the others struggle with scoring goals.

14. (15.) Mjällby AIF

Beating Hammarby is a huge achievement, but the Hammarby red card has had a big impact on the game - that’s why Mjällby just moved one place up on the list. The team has one of the easiest schedule ahead of them and they will be really motivated after this win. Bergström (5.1) is in a really good form and people can start to consider him as a ood budget option.

15. (14.) Östersunds FK

They were in lead twice against the league-leader Norrköping, but lost by 4-2 at the end. The team scored their first - and second - goal of the season which might give them some motivation for the upcoming fixtures. Keita’s (5.0) performance is definitely something what is worth to check, as he saved a penalty, gave an assist and constantly racking up defensive bonus points in the first 4 rounds.

16. (16.) Helsingborgs IF

With Östersund scoring, Helsingborg is the only team who hasn’t scored a goal yet. The 1-0 loss against Häcken is not that bad - considering their previous performances -, but they really have to come up with something if they don’t want their future to be written really early. The team made an agreement with Bayern München, so Timossi Andersson (5.4) will stay with the team until the end of the season.


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